Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tony Danza Commercial for the 1988 Hollywood Christmas Parade

This is a commercial featuring actor Tony Danza, advertising the 1988 Hollywood Christmas Parade, for which Danza was the Grand Marshall. They don't have this parade anymore, because the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (which I am a member of) was losing money every year, due to lack of sponsorship. I don't know, but with all the investment in Hollywood right now and all the big companies there, I think that they could've done a better job at raising the money, as well as luring more talent there. They gave up too easily, in my opinion. Heck, with the Kodak Theater, Jimmy Kimmel Live and all those new glitzy buildings on Hollywood Boulevard, I think it'd not only be easy to get some TV advertisers, but they also have better views for the audience at home! If they want to hire me to raise money for the Parade so that we could put it on again, I'm up fo the job!

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